Pool Party Pass-Arounds (2016)


Pool Party Pass-Arounds (2016)

Pool Party Pass-Arounds (2016)

Starring: Alessio Romero, Braxton Smith, Bryce Evans, Dimitri Kane, Marcus Isaacs, Sean Duran, Trey Turner
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2016

When summer comes to a close, what's a better way to end it than to throw a pool party with some buddies? has done just that – consider Pool Party Pass-Arounds as your formal invitation to the hottest, wettest event of the year. At this party, it's all about showing off your body and hooking up; from couples to threesomes, every bathing-suit-clad stud gets laid! All the swimming makes Trey Turner hungry, so he wants to slip away from the party to eat Dimitri's hairy, firm ass. Once they get back to the pool, they share some of the hot details, but Braxton Smith will not be outdone: he brags to Alessio Romero and Trey that his ass is even better. To test his theory, Alessio and Trey take Braxton into the house where they undress and tagteam him, taking turns fucking his ass until he can't take it anymore.

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