More Than Friends (2018)


More Than Friends (2018)

More Than Friends (2018)

Starring: Michael Del Ray, Luke Reed, Johnny Hill, Ryan Jordan, Chris Blades, Dominic Green, Jackson Traynor, Charlie Pattinson
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2018

Michael Del Ray starts giving him a massage, after educating Luke Reed he's a personal accident. He believes Luke's trousers for that a bulge, and he moans, asking him when he is hard. They make their way and kiss the settee. When he'd love to fuck him, his room mate is asked by ryan Jordan. He brings him nearer and chooses his excitement, and Jackson Traynor will not withstand. Ryan sucks off him and then throws him, stroking himself. Chris Blades enters the room to get him pretending to be drowsy of Charlie Pattinson, however if he rouses the covers of Charlie, he discovers his room mate for action.



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