Swing Bi-Way 3 (2014)


Swing Bi-Way 3 (2014)

Swing Bi-Way 3 (2014)

Starring: Renata, Jan, Martin, Emma, Lawrence, Michael, Ivan, Jozef, Petra
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2014
(1196.9 Mb)

Threesomes for the open minded individual! ! Taking and receiving is required in this party but you are guaranteed a good time and will leave with a change of heart in your sexual desires!



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Swing Bi-Way 4 (2015)
You know what they say…girls love guys who love guys! Filthy Bi Product brings you the fourth installment of Swing Bi-Way, four sexy bisexual threesomes that puts one hot lady in-between two men who can't keep their hands off of each other. Watch as the steamy bisexual fucking unfolds right before your eyes!
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Filthy Bi Product brings you the fifth installment of the Swing Bi-Way series. Bisexual swinging is the best sexual decision anyone can make! You will never regret going bi because of all the pleasure you will have. Cock and pussy - both at your service with no boundaries! What more could anyone ask for?
Swing Bi-Way 6 (2015)
Bi-sexual threesomes are so much fun! If you are ever presented with the opportunity to indulge in one, do not hesitate. Why deny yourself the pleasures of both cock and pussy? Venture into the world of both sexes at once and become a bi-sexual deviant with the sixth installment of Swing Bi-Way.
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Unbelievable threesome bi-parties are at your disposal and you won't be disappointed when you join in with these horny guys and gals. When you get the chance to fuck pussy and tight male asshole, you don't pass it up!
Swing Bi-Way (2014)
Swing in this manner, swing which way... those'doors' doors are their hinges off and fold whatever manner they need! We mean studs and sluts!
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