Sero discordantes (2019)


Sero discordantes (2019)

Sero discordantes (2019)

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Gay as Fuck (2019)
Rocco Steele's Diaries of A Sex Doctor (2019)
Noted Sex Doctor and cum thirsty bottom Brian Bonds, takes us behind the curtain of his successful medical practice. He and his patience crave massive cocks and huge loads up their asses, Raw of course. This is another soon to be hit for actor/director Rocco Steele and Dragon Media Raw.
Take It (2019)
Andrew Gets Worked Over (2019)
After a disclaimer where Andrew affirms that he is not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol and that he is doing this video knowing it’s a rough shoot and that he will be abused the video starts. Clad in a ripped tee and briefs the 21 year old straight thug is handcuffed with his arms over his head. A ball gag is in his mouth and a blindfold over his eyes. Thus immobilized and restrained he is felt all over by prying hands that get him hard and his erect cock is jerked and slapped. He is spun around so that his ass is visible and can be violated. He gets fingered roughly and an anal probe is shoved deep in his butt.
Beach Rats Of Lauderdale (2019)
Whether they’re looking to score or hook up on the DL, the ‘Beach Rats of Lauderdale' will do whatever it takes to get some. When Lauderdale is dry, one of the Beach Rats hatch a plan to score big. It’s risky for the group but the venture pays off. Follow this group of studs, on a raw, wild, sexually-charged ride around the seedy side of South Florida. Join award-winning director Tony Dimarco as he takes eight hung and horny hunks, including Falcon Exclusive Devin Franco, on this sun-soaked bareback, blockbuster adventure, Falcon Studios’ first condom-free release in nearly 30 years. The 'Beach Rats of Lauderdale' delivers intrigue and intensity, along with plenty of big bare cocks, eager asses and hungry mouths to keep you coming back for more.
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