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Husband First Time (2003) Download

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Husband First Time (2003)
In these amazing bi-sexual tales of husbands gone wild, four different hot swinger couples explore their fantasies involving other men, strap-ons, double blowjobs and more! So much hot anal action and it is all Brazilian style. These hot vixen wives know how to please their men and their friends.
Cast: Cyane Lima, Gabriella Asstryd, Gina Jolie, Malu, Natasha, Alan Roiter, Edu Costa, Jhone, Joel Gutemberg, Junior
98 14-01-2020

Party Bi Us (2006) Download

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Party Bi Us (2006)
Come and join our sex-filled party of three, 'cause two is fun but three is better and hotter! Watch as fun-threesomes lead you into a world of exxxtasy!
Cast: Lana Starck Doido Mara Hickmann Gabriella Asstryd Marcelo Lagoas Rodrigo Marcelao Ellen Padilha Tadeu Farias Cyane Alan Roiter
70 14-01-2020

Young Bi-Passion 7 (2013) Download

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Young Bi-Passion 7 (2013)
Teens want time to try being bi. It then gets really hot to the point where everyone fucks with everyone!
Cast: Tereza Koutecka Veronika Daumenova Sandra Kolerova Marek Kubec Lukas Marsik Pavel Musich Michal Bures David Jenik
81 14-01-2020

Bi-Sexual Assault (2008) Download

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Bi-Sexual Assault (2008)
Middle aged & angry couple invade neighborhood homes bi-sexually assaulting teens! I said suck his cock and like it, boy! This older lady won't let me and my buddy leave.
Cast: Pablo Bruno Salles Anny Portilla Cristian Grimaud Francine Ferrari Henrique Martins Kelly Jean Paul
67 14-01-2020

Bi Baby Bi (2019) Download

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Bi Baby Bi (2019)
Naughty Bi Nature features the hottest couples participating in the naughtiest sex! Threesomes alone are on the kinky list but when your man bends over to take it up the ass and you have to share a cock with him, it shoots right up to the hot and hardcore category! Watch these hot babes share their
Cast: Angel Face Piaff, Andy West, Georgio Black, Roxy Taggart, Lucky Taylor, Tomm, Samantha Johnson, Gia
99 14-01-2020
Doin' Good In Getting Bi (2019)
Everything in life takes practice. You have to practice playing a sport to be good. You have to practice an instrument to sound good and you have to practice being bisexual to get good at it! Watch these couples experiment with guy on guy action as they enjoy a threesome! They are Doin Good In
Cast: Bianca Ferrero, Samantha Jolie, Cindy Gold, Victoria Puppy
95 14-01-2020
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