Four Gay Stories (2018)


Four Gay Stories (2018)

Four Gay Stories (2018)

Starring: Mike Maverick, Rego Bello, Peter Marcus, Chandler Scott, Hoytt Walker, Javier Cruz, Seth Santoro
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2018

From the lockerroom Mike Maverick reluctantly asks Rego Bello the reason they will have not connected and Rego informs him"you never asked". Chandler Scott and peter Marcus are fans. Chandler attracts Peter to test out it and has found out about it bath with a gloryhole. Hoytt is just a yoga instructor who's currently carrying Javier Cruz. They can't help but touch and caress his own body, as he really helps Javier enter in to the form. Seth is sitting at the rear part of the warehouse he works in taking a look at his phone if Mike calls him outside and tells him why he wants to do the job. {Seth asserts that Mike wants to get laid {}him |He is ignored by seth {}that Mike wants to get laid }



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