Scent of A Man (2019)


Scent of A Man (2019)

Scent of A Man (2019)

Starring: Max Sargent, Jaxx Thanatos, Jon Galt, Fernando Del Rio, John Magnum, Sean Harding, Aston Springs, Ray Diesel
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019

Max Sargent and Jaxx Thanatos both take turns smelling every inch of their bodies and kissing what each man has to offer. Max slowly teases him with his hands and wet tongue as he tastes Jaxx's round hairy ass. Jon Galt pulls Fernando Del Rio into his hard body and has him smell his chest, armpits and entire body. He then starts to tease him with his cock and makes him lick all around it. Irritated, John Magnum asks Sean Harding to keep a secret about some rumors. Sean agrees and starts massaging his shoulders to help him de-stress. Soon, Sean's hands are wandering and unbuttoning John's shirt. Ray Diesel and Aston Springs are in bed talking about what they should do to celebrate their upcoming one year anniversary but Aston has an earlier anniversary present. He starts sucking Ray's massive cock before getting his ass rimmed.



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