Close To You (2020) Download

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Close To You (2020)
Shy and sensitive they may be, but these emo twinks crave a smooth body, a fat cock and love nothing better than being Close To You. These boys don't look for love outside their own inner circle, why would they when a fellow emo is just as hot and lustful as any run-of-the-mill boy with an eager
Cast: Dakota Shine, Andrew Dexter, Cody Star, Deano Star, Lucas Price, Sean Taylor, Tantrum Desire, Tommy May, Tyler Archers, Brandon White, Miles Pride
67 20-10-2020

The Boy Next Door (2020) Download

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The Boy Next Door (2020)
The Boy Next Door may be a creepy Emo with his dyed hair, painted nails and goth clothes, but get him in the bedroom and this freaky twink turns into a boy toy who loves cock. Tongue twirling kisses are only the start to some serious bedroom frivolity that sees these youngsters licking ass and
Cast: Max Brown, Leo Quinn, Seth Corrigan, Etienne Kidd, Connor Levi, Kai Alexander, Tyler Bolt, Josh Bensan, Josh Dixon, Alexander Syden
48 20-10-2020
Be My Uninhibited Fuck Toy (2020)
With their puppy-like eyes and their lithe, fresh physiques, it’s no wonder that there’s guys aplenty who are more than happy to turn this horned-up batch of young cuties into little more than their personal fuck-toys. What’s more, it’s an ambition that the twinks themselves are very clearly only
Cast: Tommy Lee, Swiss, Whiner, Harris, Stanley Black, Mike Cage, Reed, Sam Williams, Yuri Adamov, Scott, Chase Evans
45 20-10-2020

Full Service (2020) Download

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Full Service (2020)
Rest assured there’s nothing half-measured about this collection of divine beauties. Fact is, they love nothing better than getting fully immersed in some of the hottest, horniest action you’re ever likely to encounter. Then again, with the likes of Martin Love, Sven Laarson, and Aslan Brutti on
Cast: Ennio Guardi, Aslan Brutti, Jack Black, Chase Anderson, Martin Love, Benito Moss, Sven Larsson, Troy Stevenson, Luke Taylor, Tommy Sem, Chris Young
49 20-10-2020

Black Godz (2020) Download

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Black Godz (2020)
Committed to changing the world and the boys that live in it, one hole-twitching, cum-gushing orgasm at a time, the leaders of this cult assume the title of Gods and are superior to ordinary men in every way powerful, successful, intelligent, physically perfect and sexually insatiable.
Cast: Argos Santini, Jacob Maxwell, Lawrence Portland, Liam Cyber
47 20-10-2020

Dreamy Delights (2020) Download

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Dreamy Delights (2020)
If watching skinny and smooth Latin twinks fucking bareback never gets old, this collection of hardcore gay sex romps will certainly de-light. All of these adorable young guys are what wet dreams are made of, as they suck big uncut dick and pound tight little ass until their cum starts gushing. For
Cast: Damia, Deivy, Edison, Fabi, Henry, Jhon, Lorenzo, Nelson, Ricky, Uber, William
42 20-10-2020

Making Moves (2020) Download

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Making Moves (2020)
This stunning and super-sexual group of studs are ‘Making Moves’ to get what they want. Sometimes you just need to let go of your wildest bareback sexual inhibitions, make your move and blow your load with another hot man. Join directors Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark and a cast of nine horned up,
62 20-10-2020
An Sextraordinary Couple's Life (2020)
Shawn Kroner & Nils Angelson are well known on Gaysight through their Angel & Demon label, this couple regularly offer us their sexual adventures. Joined by a curious hetero friend named Aythan Lockes, the couple gives us their first film of their Sextraordinaire life! Butts, deep throats,
Cast: Aythan Lockes, Shawn Kroner, Nils Angelson
212 09-10-2020
No Parents, No Problem (2020)
When his ear buds pull out and signal to the rest of the house that he's in his room watching porn, Aspen should've known to expect step brother Princeton Price shortly after. Aspen likes to pretend it will be the last time, but Princeton knows he can't say no to his step-brother's sweet cock. With
Cast: Leeroy Jones, Jake Porter, Dalton Riley, Princeton Price, Ryan Jordan, Johnny B
162 09-10-2020
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